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What is Working Partner .com?

Is a platform where existing business owners are looking for an operator to work on a profit sharing basis. Working partners could be required to purchase ownership shares where available.

Who can post a listing?

A registered user with an existing business looking for a business operator and have profit sharing opportunities.

How much is a listing?

Free, boostings must be paid for.

How do I send and receive money?

We highly recommend that for any transaction that escrow .com is used during the process of completing any deal. We only recommend this platform for the proof of payment and the control of that payment once made throughout the deal.

How do I secure myself?

No true partnership can exist without some type of agreement and written is the best way. For opportunities worldwide we recommend the use of DHL together with escrow .com.

Who regulates the listings?

Admin will approve all listings if it meets the criteria and has the legitimacy of being an opportunity for a Working Partner.

What if things don’t work out?

This must definitely be discussed and be in any written agreement. No partnership should proceed without this.

What is a working partner?

is an operator actively within the business on some type of profit sharing basis or even ownership of shares. 

Does my business qualify for a working partner?

If the business exists and there is a working salary available from day 1 for the Working Partner is the best of the criteria, any other risk involved needs some type of surety for the Working Partner as it requires them to dedicate their life and days to it.